Best. Meringue. Ever.

Guys… Look at this meringue! 

I found this incredibly massive piece of deliciousness on Wednesday while walking the streets of Oxford with some friends from a doctoral summer program I’m attending.

We ended up going to Baker and Spice (thanks to Emily – check out her IG hair diary!), and saw these meringues through the storefront window. For those who don’t know me, I’m a sucker for desserts… and I absolutely love a good meringue. When done well, they are crunchy, sugary pieces of heaven that melt in your mouth… and that, it did!


They had two flavors: chocolate and strawberry. I went for the chocolate one, which is more of a traditional meringue, with powdered chocolate on top. It’s massive, definitely enough to share with several people… if you choose to go that route. We, however, decided to each get one for ourselves. 🙃

The easiest way to tackle and not make a huge mess is with a knife. I took a few direct bites, but it was a little difficult to maneuver. The outside is super crunchy. Because it’s so large, there are some hollow parts inside, and some parts that are a little softer (for those who like the “mushy” part of meringues). Think of it as the best of both worlds. I ate half there… and once I got to the dorm and changed into my pjs, I proceeded to unapologetically finish the other half. Divine!

Definitely check it out if you have a sweet tooth and want to try something delish while in Oxford!